Mission Statement

Logos Choir's mission is to use art as a means to express feelings, thoughts, emotions, truth, goodness, and beauty for the purpose of human communication, which has the power to connect us. The final result is a living out of culture. Honest art has the effect of connecting us to our individual human-ness and the human-ness of the world we live. It draws us into the beauty of the here and now while also leading us to a beauty above and beyond.


The organization was created in November, 2015 as a means to promote new art.

Philosophy on Art

Every gift has the potential to produce a complex diversity of results. The way to really explore that potential is through creativity. And the way to materialize the final results is through a more technical approach. In order to become a master, an artist has to connect these two powerful elements. But no artist is superman. Big art opens up to the gifts of others, which harmonize together just like music! Then it's finally ready to be shared.